Self-discipline is one of the hardest qualities to maintain for many people. No matter how well-intentioned they are and how enthusiastically they begin with something, eventually they lose motivation. Be it weight loss, quitting smoking or writing a thesis, after a while everyone gets stuck in a rut and it becomes increasingly difficult to motivate yourself.

This is where self-discipline comes into play. Self-discipline is a quality that helps us push through, get things done even when our motivation is low. It focuses our attention on a goal in the future rather than on current distractions. Current distractions are fun but they don’t get us where we want to go.

Seeing a disciplinarian

Not everyone has self-discipline or can muster it when it is most needed. When self-discipline is not an option, people often need an external source of discipline to keep their attention on the goal and to motivate them. For people into spanking, the external source of discipline is often someone in the role of disciplinarian. The preferably strict but fair disciplinarian checks if someone has put in sufficient effort and if not, checks if there are valid reasons why sufficient effort couldn’t be expected. If someone is ill, you can’t expect them to write a thesis.

If insufficient effort was put in and there are no mitigating circumstances or valid excuses for it, there will be a punishment, most likely an intense spanking that will remind the recipient that not focusing on long term goals has unpleasant consequences. These kinds of sessions are typically short, sharp and very painful. They are emotionally taxing for both the disciplinarian and the person on the receiving end. Speaking personally, I’d much rather be praising someone for a job well done than setting their bottom on fire with a strap or brush.

Black and white photo of a naked woman over the knee, being spanked
About to learn what happens if she doesn’t do what’s agreed upon

Self-discipline through self-spanking

For people into spanking but without a disciplinarian available, a self-spanking can be an option. Sometimes this is a directed punishment from a remote disciplinarian, sometimes a punishment generated by software or thought up by rules the person has set for themselves. While probably not as effective as a blistering spanking from someone in person, it can still be an effective way of getting yourself back on track. The young lady below does an admirable job!

What about you?

What about you, do you have difficulty motivating yourself? Ever been spanked for not getting your work done or falling short? Do you need a spanking? Ever used self-spanking? Share your thoughts below, please.

2 Replies to “Self-discipline”

  1. I wrote a whole blog on my journey into self spanking and how it took me in so many different directions and afforded me a lot of experiences I would never have had otherwise.

    1. Self-discipline can be a valuable experience for many. It is also very safe to do, especially during this pandemic. Good luck on your journey!

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