Tumblr fuckwittery

Today, Tumblr sent me another one of those emails telling me I have adult content on my Tumblr blog (you don’t say?). I’ve only been posting spanking photos and videos there for nearly 8 years so this is kind of old news, really. Logging in to my old blog, I see the Tumblr fuckwittery knows virtually no limits…

Across the top of my Tumblr dashboard, there’s a banner telling me I have adult content on my blog. It also gives me the option to review flagged posts. Imagine my surprise when I expect to be deluged by flagged posts but instead find this:

Screenshot of Tumblr dashboard showing no adult content.
Seriously, did they even try?

Okay Tumblr, so where is the adult content you find so offensive? There’s nearly 8 years of bare, blushing bottoms on there! You can find them all backed up here. Guess we haven’t see the end of Tumblr fuckwittery yet.

Spanking Bloggers Network

In more pleasant news, I am happy to report that this blog is now a part of the Spanking Bloggers Network. While this blog is only 2 months old or so, I do have a long track record of blogging on the network mentioned above and I felt that joining a circle of bloggers would allow me to reach a bigger audience. If you’re here from the network, be welcome, feel free to look around and by all means comment or get in touch if you have words of praise, criticism or tips. As fellow bloggers and spanking enthusiasts, you’ll be aware of how much bloggers appreciate interaction.

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