History of sexual punishment – in pictures

Goliath Books, located in Berlin, has established itself as a highly acclaimed international publisher of diverse and often daring photography and art books unafraid to introduce controversial, erotic and subcultural perspectives to modern life. They now have a new book out, entitled “History of sexual punishment – in pictures“. There’s probably a number of spankophiles who would want such an item for a coffee table book, right?

The blurp on their page describes the book as follows: Ooooohhhh…oooowwwww – 300 years of erotic spanking in pictures. From the punishments of classical times to today’s pornographic role-play. A story of pain and pleasure. An outspoken work with a unique collection of images. Ouch! very good.

With 272 pages and 240 photos or illustrations, some going back to antiquity, it shows that erotic punishment has been a part of our societies and cultures for a long time. Goliath have provided some of those illustrations with their press release to give those interested an impression.

For more information about “History of sexual punishment – in pictures” and for ordering, please see Goliath Books.

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