Spanking software: EzCP

I’ve always had an interest in software that has a spanking theme. Whether it is games, a simulator or software that somehow helps with spanking. A special category is spanking software that helps in determining the punishment. A good example of such spanking software: EzCP.

Now mind you, EzCP is ancient software, written in the late 1990’s for Windows 95/98. Yes, I’m that old. However, I’m told that it runs quite reliably on newer versions of Windows if you enable compatibility mode.

The program is very simple. You start it up, select or enter the name of the offender, the age and the sexe. This being the 1990’s, there’s only male or female. You can select an offence and a severity level and when you click “Decide punishment”, the program shows you the corresponding punishment. It takes into account past behavior as well, so mess up more, get punished harder.

The main program interface

EzCP comes with three INI files that contain the offences and corresponding punishments. Each INI file has a theme: school punishment, domestic punishments and social punishments. Since the INI files are text files, you can easily modify the existing offences and punishments or add your own.

Finally, punishments may be suspended but if the same offence is committed again in the next 30 days, the punishment is doubled! Each punishment is recorded in a punishment book (another text file) for later.

I’ve used this program in the past and it’s quite good even though punishments aren’t random. It can be a little repetitive after a while but it’s still a lot of fun. Want to give it a try? You can download it from my site. Let me know if you enjoyed it!

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