Brand spanking new spanking forum

After a somewhat failed attempt at a Discord server, I have decided to set up something else. The Discord chat server is gone, but in its place has arisen a brand spanking new spanking forum!

Update: Unfortunately, the forum has been taken offline for the time being. There were insufficient people signing up to get a community going.

While the spanking forum is still a work in progress, it is finished and polished enough to open it up to the public. That means you! I want to establish a community of spanking enthusiasts, with room for discussion, jokes and banter, polls and contact ads. You can find me on the forum too, of course. My username is Joost there, as it is here on the site.

If you’re interested and want to help build a community of people interested in spanking, just smash the forum button in the site menu to go there directly. You’ll need to register with a valid email address but all other information is optional. Find anything that doesn’t seem to work? Let me know!

Before I forget: because you can post contact ads in the spanking forum, I will be shutting down that feature on the site. Sorry about that but one less thing to run means one less thing that can go wrong.

Did you sign up for the forum already?

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