This page gives you access to a few lighthearted spanking related games. Not to be taken seriously but to be enjoyed.

Bums of the World!
Bums of the World is an attempt to gather photos all kind of lovely female bottoms from all over the world and showcase them here for your viewing pleasure. Please add your bum today!


EzCP (download)
EzCP is ancient software, written somewhere in the late 1990’s. It is a small program that makes use of easily customized INI files to generate spankings and other punishments. It features several levels of severity and even a rudimentary punishment book.

May I cum?
Many people who are into spanking, also enjoy some related activities. For instance orgasm denial. This little game will tell you if you are lucky today or if you will go frustrated…

Spanking dice game
A spanking dice game for 2 or more players, which should be fun and lead to some sore bottoms. My own idea and I hope you try it out!

Wheel of Punishment
The Wheel of Punishment is one of those games that decides a punishment for you. Give it a spin! Don’t forget that the decision of the wheel must be obeyed…


From time to time, I’ll be running polls, quizzes, etc. Check here to see what you can do!

Favorite implement
Which implement is your favorite to spank/be spanked with? Let me know!

Links to other fun, spanking related stuff

The following links will take you to other sites that offer spanking related fun stuff, punishment generators, etc. I can’t vouch for their working on your particular device.

AnimeOTK Punishment Generator
The very complete AnimeOTK Punishment Generator helps you generate a punishment for when you can’t decide one on your own. It’s also a good resource for people who perform self-spankings.

Virtual corner time (currently appears not to work)
Spend time in the corner while your webcam watches if you fidget too much. Too much movement will increase your time in the corner! No video is transmitted over the Internet, motion detection is done on your PC. Fun to combine with my Wheel of Punishment when you are assigned corner time. If you like, I can issue you a corner time monitored by this site as well.

Write for me!
Remember writing lines in school for punishment? Well, here is Line Writing 2.0, fully online, verifiable and just as tedious. I can issue you custom made punishments if you are interested.

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