May I cum?

Many people who are into spanking also enjoy some related activities. One of these is orgasm control or orgasm denial. What do you do when you have no one to control your orgasms for you? Well, you can turn to the Internet. This wheel will tell you if you are allowed to cum. Be sure to follow all the instructions of the wheel!

May I cum?

Thoughts about the wheel? Want to let others know how frustrated you are or that you got lucky? Please share in the comments below.

87 Replies to “May I cum?”

  1. Hello sir, can I cum? The wheel has been brutal and made me tease myself for 30 minutes twice, and now I have to ask you for permission!

        1. Perhaps you can channel all that pent-up energy and frustration into something productive? I am sure there are a few chores you could focus on to distract yourself.

          1. That was a great idea sir, I managed to kill some time. I used the wheel again today, hoping that it would go easy on me but now I must ask you again.

                1. I’ll offer you a choice. I will give you 3 spins of the wheel. If one of those spins gives you permission (doesn’t matter which one), you have permission. If it says you have to wear clamps (or has other instructions) you must follow those instructions.
                  If none of the three spins give you permission, you must obey the outcome of the last spin.

                  The other option: don’t spin and enjoy another day of denial.

                  What will it be?

                  1. Update: why was I so dumb, I should’ve never picked the wheel option. Now I have to wait 2 days! I should’ve just accepted my one day denial…

                    1. It’s not dumb. You took a chance and it didn’t turn out as you would have wanted. When your two days are up, you don’t have to spin the wheel. You have my permission to cum when your time is up.

  2. Please may I cum sir please please I edged for 30 minutes then edged three time I cum on the second one but then got beg to cum

    1. No, since you already came when you were supposed to be edging. In fact, why don’t you head over to the wheel of punishment and spin it twice to hear what your punishment should be?

  3. Thanks for having both these wheel (“may I cum” and punishment) in the same place. I often need both decided at similar times. I just twice did 30 swats with a hairbrush and now, luckily, I may cum.

  4. I edged as instructed when spinning once, however I got no orgasms for one week after spinning again. Am I still allowed to edge myself daily sir?

          1. Master I’ve edged 4 times and teased my self for 30 minutes and have to ask you for permission again.

  5. may i cum sir? i did my punishment spanking this morning 60 swats on bare butt. they were hard to.

  6. Sir sir please please let me cum pleas sir I’ll do anything. Sir please let me have cummies

    1. S-Sir please give me permission to cum… I’ve teased myself for 30 mins and very desperate for cummies.

  7. Could I please please cum sir please I’ve been a good girl pretty please let me have cummies sir.

  8. i got edge once and spin again, so i did so, i spun it again but while edging the second time i did cum. i spun again and i got yes i can but with clamps atattched. so i did that. however i probably need punishment for cumming when i shoudl have edged.

  9. Im sorry, I came while edging before spinning again. I have been so bad at listening do directions. Please punish me.

    1. Please Sir, let me cum please I’ll do whatever you ask to earn it. Please Sir, I need to cum please.

        1. Have you ever thought about a wheel of tasks in order to cum ? Like you must take x number of spanks ? Or even double or nothing !

        1. Well, it’s good to hear that you obey the wheel as you are supposed to. 😉

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