May I cum?

Many people who are into spanking also enjoy some related activities. One of these is orgasm control or orgasm denial. What do you do when you have no one to control your orgasms for you? Well, you can turn to the Internet. This wheel will tell you if you are allowed to cum. Be sure to follow all the instructions of the wheel!

May I cum?

Thoughts about the wheel? Want to let others know how frustrated you are or that you got lucky? Please share in the comments below.

47 Replies to “May I cum?”

  1. Im sorry, I came while edging before spinning again. I have been so bad at listening do directions. Please punish me.

    1. Please Sir, let me cum please I’ll do whatever you ask to earn it. Please Sir, I need to cum please.

        1. Have you ever thought about a wheel of tasks in order to cum ? Like you must take x number of spanks ? Or even double or nothing !

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