Spanking dice game

A few weeks ago, I had a dream featuring one of the ladies I sometimes spank in a starring role. In the dream, she held a spanking party at her home and I was invited. At the party, people played a dice game and took turns spanking each other. Of course the details in the dream where sketchy. However, when I woke up, I thought it might be fun to actually think up a spanking dice game for 2 or more players. The result is below. Now, who wants to play?

The die has been cast…

Spanking dice game


The following is a fairly simple spanking dice game I thought up. All that is needed are a few spanking implements, at least one dice and a small group of people willing to play. This game is supposed to be consensual and fun and of course for adults only. Don’t make people do things they are not ready for and enthusiastic about. Play safe, sane and consensual.


The following items are required:

  • 2 ~ 6 players. (More is possible but will make the game long)
  • 2 ~ 6 spanking implements
  • 1 (at least) six-sided dice
  • pen and paper to keep score


Before playing, the players should prepare a few things. For one, they need to select which implements to use, and the number of swats that will be given for certain rolls of the dice. See the examples later on for suggestions. They should also agree on the finale, where the loser of the game receives his/her punishment. More on that later.

How to play

The spanking dice game is turn based and each turn, a player runs the risk of being spanked. Each turn consists of two parts: a decision phase that determines if a player will be spanked and if yes, then a punishment phase that determines how the player will be spanked and the actual spanking itself.

Playing the game

Once preparation is complete, the fun can begin. A randomly chosen player (for instance the person who scored highest in a dice roll) begins the game.

Decision phase

He or she rolls the single dice to generate a starting number. The player then has to choose if the next roll will be a higher number or a lower number than the first roll. The player announces the choice clearly by saying “higher” or “lower”. Next, the player rolls the dice. There are three possible outcomes:

  • The roll yields a lower number
  • The roll yields a higher number
  • The roll yields the same number

This will have the following results:

  • If the player guessed the outcome correctly, his/her turn is over and passes to the next person clockwise.
  • If the player guessed the outcome wrong, the turn moves to the punishment phase.
  • If the result of the roll is an equal number, the player is considered wrong since the outcome is neither higher nor lower and the turn will move to the punishment phase, however the number of spanks earned during the punishment phase is halved.

Punishment phase

When a player guesses wrong, they are punished with a spanking. What kind of spanking, that is also determined by the role of the dice. The player will roll the dice 3 times to determine the severity of the spanking:

  • The first roll determines the implement
  • The second roll determines the number of swats
  • The third and final roll determines the state of dress during the spanking

The result of each roll should be looked up in the notes made during the preparation before the game. When the severity of the punishment has been determined, the player may select one of the other players to administer the spanking. The spanking will then be delivered in front of the group, after which the number of spanks received will be added to the score chart. This concludes the turn for the current player. The turn will move to the next player clockwise who will begin the decision phase.

Double or nothing

If a player rolls a 6 three times during the punishment phase, she or he may choose to play double or nothing. Three times a six would mean the maximum punishment that a player could earn during a single round. When a player wants to use this option, she or he must announce this clearly. The player will then roll the dice to set a starting number. (S)He must then guess if the next roll will have a higher or lower result. The player must then roll again. If (s)he guessed correctly, the punishment is cancelled. If (s)he is wrong, the number of swats for the maximum punishment will be doubled! If the result is the same, out of mercy, the punishment will be cancelled also.

End of the game

The spanking dice game ends when the first player has received at least 100 spanks (or another number of spanks, should players wish). The player to reach this score will be considered the loser of the game. The loser will be the “victim” in the finale. The winner is the person who has received the lowest number of spanks. What happens in the finale is up to the players and has been decided upon during the game preparation. Here are a few possibilities as a suggestion:

  • The loser receives his/her final score in spanks again (with an implement of their choice)
  • The loser rolls the dice for a final punishment but this time, the spanking will be given while the loser is naked
  • The loser is sent to the corner, bottom bared, for x minutes
  • The loser receives a brief spanking from each of the other players


The following are just suggestions for how players can set up the game.

Deciding the implement

When players roll the dice to decide the iimplement, they can use a table like this to determine the result. If the player rolls the number, (s)he receives the corresponding implement.

  1. Hand
  2. Hairbrush
  3. Paddle
  4. Belt
  5. Bathbrush
  6. Cane

If there are less than 6 implements, they could be distributed differently, for instance:

  1. Hand
  2. Hand
  3. Belt
  4. Belt
  5. Hairbrush
  6. Bathbrush

Deciding the number of spanks

If the player rolls the number, (s)he receives the corresponding number of spanks.

  1. 4 spanks
  2. 8 spanks
  3. 12 spanks
  4. 18 spanks
  5. 20 spanks
  6. 24 spanks

It is best not to make the numbers here too high because people may end up receiving many swats.

Deciding the state of undress

If the player rolls the number, (s)he receives the spanking dressed as specified by the corresponding number.

  1. Fully dressed
  2. Underwear
  3. Underwear
  4. Underwear pulled up in a wedgie
  5. Bare bottom
  6. Bare bottom

Have fun!

As always, the goal of the spanking dice game should be to have fun. Play safe, sane and consensual. If you decide to play the game, please let me know how it turns out or if you ran info trouble. Best of all, send pics/video.

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