Wheel of Punishment

Do you need to be punished? Can’t decide what your punishment should be? The Wheel of Punishment can help! Spin the wheel and it will tell you your punishment. If you need more after that, just spin it again until you are satisfied!

Warning: Not following the orders of the Wheel is subject to severe discipline!

Feel free to leave a comment about the Wheel of Punishment below. If you wish to share the result of your punishment, you may send me an email and attach a photo. Don’t worry, it will not be shared unless you ask me to.

31 Replies to “Wheel of Punishment”

  1. Grounded for a day, haha no prob. I work 13 h and go home to My bed. So easy πŸ₯° tnx Sir

  2. I got 100 bare bottom spanks I did 30 sorry what can I do to make it up I’ll do anything I promise

  3. Hi Carly,

    Sure, there is something like the AnimeOTK punishment generator found here: https://animeotk.com/punishment.php

    There used to be a program called EZCP which allowed you to create punishments based on your own rules and implements. You may be able to find it by searching for it. Be aware though that it was written for Windows 95 and may not run on modern operating systems.

    There is also the Punishment Generator program: https://punishmentgenerator.com/

    If you have really specific needs, you may want to discuss them with me if you like.

      1. EZCP can indeed work with Windows XP and Windows 7. However, it was developed for Windows 95 so there is no guarantee. However, if there’s an interest I can offer it here as a download. Is that of interest?

    1. I’ll come look you up and give you a double spanking. πŸ˜‰
      (That may not scare some people away, actually…)

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