Wheel of Punishment

Do you need to be punished? Can’t decide what your punishment should be? The Wheel of Punishment can help! Spin the wheel and it will tell you your punishment. If you need more after that, just spin it again until you are satisfied!

Warning: Not following the orders of the Wheel is subject to severe discipline!

Feel free to leave a comment about the Wheel of Punishment below. If you wish to share the result of your punishment, you may send me an email and attach a photo. Don’t worry, it will not be shared unless you ask me to.
You could even have it added to my Bums of the World gallery by submitting your photo here!

115 Replies to “Wheel of Punishment”

  1. Do you still make custom punishments for people if not I understand but I am definitely interested if you still do

  2. The wheel of fortune offered to me: 10 strokes with the cane on my nude bum – it’s challenging but not that damaging… Cheers Angelika

  3. I got butt plug for an hour, it fell out for a sec but i put it right back in. I’m sorry sir. Do I need further punishment?

      1. Sir can you help me learn? I have been very bad and i am not listening to the suggested punishments until i get one I like (sometimes due to noise as I don’t want to be overheard)

        Today I got the cane 6 times, which i did. Lines (didn’t do), corner time (didn’t do) and butt plug for an hour, which I put off until I was ready. I also have a dirty mouth and theres no punishment for that.

  4. Sir, I accidentally came while receiving a punishment spanking. I’m really sorry Sir, please forgive me.

      1. I spun three times like you said Sir and got:
        – 60 spanks, hairbrush, bare bottom
        – 20 spanks, wooden spoon, inner thighs
        – 30 spanks, hairbrush, bare bottom
        My bottom is so sore and red now Sir, and it stings so bad I don’t even want to think about sitting. Ouch. Thank you for the discipline Sir, I definitely learned my lesson.

    1. Thatโ€™s a spanking!!!! Fetch my paddle!!! You KNOW! the one I mean!!! The big heavy one with the long handle and holes๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  5. Any chance you will bring back the punishment form I enjoy the act of filing it out๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. The one we’re you had to put what you did wrong and what punishments you would be willing to do the act of filling it out was so ..fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think it was on your Tumblr. I enjoyed the act of filling it out it was kinda embarrassing but exciting at the same time

        1. Ah yes, that form. I remember that. Unfortunately, I had to close it down because many people were requesting punishment through that form but most never followed through.

      1. I love that too except I put in the Spankerโ€™s name and it didnโ€™t show up, just the Spankeeโ€™s name. Did i do something wrong?

  6. Hi sir it said shove ginger up my anus but I didn’t do it because it wasnโ€™t harsh enough so I span it again and it eps landing on that so maybe you could chose those 5 punishments; please forgive me sir

    1. No, the wheel decides the punishment, that’s what it’s for. Not following the instructions of the wheel means you get to spin it 5 times yourself. And this time, please do follow the instructions.

  7. Sir I tried to take 60 spanks with the hairbrush bare but it hurt too much! I took 15 bare with the brush but after that I pulled up my underwear and used my hand because it stung so bad. Please forgive me Sir I’m sorry

      1. I spun again, and I got the 50 spanks with the paddle, bare. I took my spanking Sir, and now my bottom really hurts and feels very well punished. I’m sorry for not taking my punishment the first time Sir. Please forgive me.

  8. Sir, I was told that as a punishment I’d be given 100 spanks with the wooden spoon on my bare bottom, then have to sit and write a 100 lines, and after that receive 60 spanks with the hairbrush bare. But I’ve been a very naughty boy and talked back to my Daddy when he tried to spank me. Now he says I need more punishment…what should it be Sir?

      1. Yes Sir. Daddy’s making me spin the wheel two more times now. I think my Daddy likes using your wheel a little too much ๐Ÿ™

  9. Sir I spun the wheel but I didn’t do what the wheel said…Can you please forgive me??

  10. 50 with hairbrush on a wet bottom.
    Damn it stinks. I did 30 hard ones and then because it hurt tooooo bad I did light 20. May I be forgiven ?

  11. Sir, as punishment I was made to spin the wheel for 2 times.
    The first time I got no knickers for a day and second time got 50 with the paddle on knickers.
    Does that mean I get 50 strokes on my bare butt?๐Ÿ˜ข
    I’ve haven’t been that bad๐Ÿ˜ฃ

    1. I see, Katie. Well, if it makes you feel better you may put your knickers on for the spanking but I doubt they’ll offer much protection from the paddle.

  12. Where do you live? I live in Texas. I only want impact punishments. The writing ones and corner time are too boring to me. The more and harder spanking was he better.

  13. I spun the wheel 3 times for a punishment today for being naughty and disobedient
    1. No knickers for a day
    2. 50 whacks with the paddle
    3. โ€œI am a bad girl and need my bare bottom soundly spankedโ€ 30 lines

  14. Punishment:
    1 Wet your bottom with water and apply 50 spanks with the hairbrush
    2 Grounded for 2 days, must stay in My room
    3 20 spanks with the wooden spoon, inner thighs
    4 20 minutes corner time, bottom bare
    5 10 strokes of the cane, naked

  15. Master orderd me to spin the WHEEL OF PUNISHMENT 5 times and do all 5 punishments. Reson is that i got late for work today after staying up late yesterday ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  16. Oh please Sir, please do I have to take 60 swats? I’ve done 20 and my bottom is on fire! Please Sir, I deserve to be punishede but please have mercy kind Sir although I am not worthy

  17. 80 spanks with a kitchen spatula. I’ll be feeling that one most of the day! Great way to wake up and put some pep in my step! Thank you for this wheel sir!

  18. Well, that woke my bottom up! 100 spanks with a wooden spoon, bare bottom! OW!! Very red bottom, not sitting down for a little while I think!

    1. Sir, I got figging insert the finger into your anus for 10 minutes and I did it but don’t quite feel like I’ve learned my lesson yet. What can I do about that?

        1. Thanks for the suggestion, I spun again and got forbidden to cum for 2 days. I really tried to follow through with this one but my boyfriend and I were having some fun and well, i… I did it sir. I’m really sorry, I know better than to not follow through with a punishment. What are you gonna do? Please don’t be too harsh…

  19. I got 50 lines -i am q very bad girl and need my bare bottom soundly spanked but I don’t want to do them do I have to I feel like I need my mouth washed out also because I swear a lot and do I need to show you proof

    1. The determination of the punishment isn’t up to the person being punished, is it? It wouldn’t be much of a punishment otherwise.
      Proof isn’t a requirement but I always appreciate when people show me how well they’ve taken their punishment. So feel free to share it with me if you are willing.

    2. But what should my punishment be for not doing them I need to be punished I know that and since I didnt do it what should my punishment be also I spun today because I knew I needed to and it said 40 spanks with the wooden spoon sit spots only but I did 10 and they hurt so i stopped what punishment do i deserve for that? I think i already need my mouth washed out for swearing at least 50 lines and what else what ever you tell me to do I will

        1. The “Wheel of Punishment” is basically a tool to help people decide their own punishment if they self-punish. It can also be a game among partners. Do you have to do everything the wheel says? No, of course not. You should use common sense.

          There’s no way I can make you do anything. However, if you feel you need to be punished, the best way to get punished is by getting something you really don’t want. So by all means write your lines. You can send me proof of completion via email.

          1. Okay sir I will start those lines right away after I wash my mouth out sorry for disrespecting you or the game

          2. Sir I have started my lines what is your email so I can send proof sir ?and is a soapy mouth and 100 lines good enough sir?

    3. Sir? I spun several times but it kept landing on implements that I don’t have, what should I do?

        1. Yes sir, though unfortunately I can’t afford to purchase more. I can try the second half of your advice though.

  20. Grounded for a day, haha no prob. I work 13 h and go home to My bed. So easy ๐Ÿฅฐ tnx Sir

  21. I got 100 bare bottom spanks I did 30 sorry what can I do to make it up I’ll do anything I promise

  22. I got 50 strokes on wet bottom, but i could not see what i was supose to use ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

  23. Hi Carly,

    Sure, there is something like the AnimeOTK punishment generator found here: https://animeotk.com/punishment.php

    There used to be a program called EZCP which allowed you to create punishments based on your own rules and implements. You may be able to find it by searching for it. Be aware though that it was written for Windows 95 and may not run on modern operating systems.

    There is also the Punishment Generator program: https://punishmentgenerator.com/

    If you have really specific needs, you may want to discuss them with me if you like.

      1. EZCP can indeed work with Windows XP and Windows 7. However, it was developed for Windows 95 so there is no guarantee. However, if there’s an interest I can offer it here as a download. Is that of interest?

    1. I’ll come look you up and give you a double spanking. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      (That may not scare some people away, actually…)

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