What is spanking?

The word spanking is typically used to refer to the practice of repeatedly striking the buttocks of a person. This is often done with the open hand on bared buttocks but instruments are also often used. Instruments can be common household items such as wooden spoons, hairbrushes or leather belts. However, there are plenty of instruments created specifically for the purpose of spanking people, such as paddles, straps or canes.

Image of wooden spoons
Amazon carries these spanking themed wooden spoons

Among adults, spanking is used for a variety of reasons, ranging from erotic foreplay to serious discipline and everything in between.

The purpose of these pages is to explore why people enjoy spanking, how to do spanking safely and how to introduce it to your partner.

Disclaimer: A lot of the following is based on my personal experience, common sense, some research and conversations with others who enjoy spanking. It’s by no means scientific, complete or 100% applicable to your situation. Always use your common sense.

Frequently asked questions
Answers to certain frequently asked questions.

How to give a spanking
If you’ve never given a spanking before, this should get you started.

If your partner wants to be spanked
So your partner has asked you to spank her? What do you do? Read this, for starters.

Spanking & Safety
Important tips to help you be safe and play safe.

Spanking Survey
Please consider filling out this survey exploring origins and interests about spanking.

Why do people enjoy spanking?
A brief look on why some people enjoy spanking and why it may be a lot less weird than you may think.

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