Being safe online

This page will give you some valuable tips for staying safe online and hiding your true identity from strangers you may plan to meet.

Being safe online

The Internet is a wonderful way to meet new people and of course also spanking partners. It offers you relative anonymity but remember that this works both ways! The people you are communicating with can also hide behind the same anonymity. Therefore it is important that you observe a few practical guidelines to remain relatively safe on the Internet without getting too technical.

  1. Always set up a separate identity that you plan to use only for spanking related communication.
  2. When setting up this identity, use fake information on your profile wherever practical. You should definitely never reveal your real name, address, location in any detail or other information that could lead a potential predator to discover your true identity and/or location.
  3. When using email, make use of Gmail. Gmail does not reveal your IP address to the recipient. Or better yet, get a free Protonmail address for more security and full encryption.
  4. Be careful when sharing personal details with people. Don’t tell them where you work, where you went (or go) to school, don’t reveal your phone number, not which social functions you are planning to attend, etc. And of course don’t share your street address and real name.
  5. Don’t send pictures of yourself to others, even if they do not show your face. Smart phones and many cameras have built-in GPS functions and they will record the location where the picture was taken down to the square meter in every image you capture. Unless you know how to avoid this, don’t share pictures!
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