Why do people enjoy spanking?

A brief look on why some people enjoy spanking and why it is a lot less weird than you may think.

Why do people enjoy spanking?

Perhaps the hardest thing to understand about spanking is why the recipient wants to be spanked. A spanking usually hurts even if just a little. There’s also a degree of embarrassment involved in presenting yourself bare bottomed to someone else. And yet some people crave being spanked and actively seek out someone to do it for them, even if it means paying. So what’s going on?

Good pain and bad pain

Part of the explanation may have to do with how we experience pain. We all know there is good pain and there is bad pain. No one enjoys stubbing their toe on the leg of the dining room table. However, there’s plenty of people who enjoy the feeling of their painful muscles after a work out. Or the burning of eating strong pepper or things like Tiger Balm applied to sore muscles. A massage can also be a painful experience yet no one denies there is pleasure in this. So why do we hate the pain of stubbing our toe but love the painful sensations of sore muscles or a strong massage?


When we experience pain, our body responds to that in several ways. One of the ways is producing endorphins. Endorphins released into the bloodstream by our central nervous system and pituitary gland act to inhibit pain signals. In addition, endorphins can produce a feeling of euphoria and relaxation, similar to opioids to which they are related. Endorphins can also be produced during exercise, which is why many people feel relaxed and satisfied after working out. Doctors in Russia are using a method that is basically spanking (or birching) to help people fight depression and addiction. Often, people suffering from these conditions lack endorphins and these methods induce their generation, increasing the patients well being. Similarly, many spankees report feeling happy, relaxed and deeply satisfied after being spanked.

Many spankees report feeling happy, relaxed and deeply satisfied after being spanked.


Another element that enables people to enjoy pain, is the anticipation of pain. When pain is anticipated, we are mentally prepared to accept it. Unexpected sharp pain, like stubbing your toe, comes as a shock to our system.  The pain of stiff muscles after exercise is usually expected and builds up gradually, allowing our body to compensate. When we eat spicy food, we also expect there to be discomfort so we are mentally prepared.
Similarly, there is anticipation before a spanking. This allows the spankee to mentally prepare for the coming pain and discomfort.


The context in which a pain sensation occurs, is also an important factor in whether or not we can enjoy it. When we experience pain in a context that is uncomfortable to us, like a doctor’s office or at the dentist, there’s little room for enjoyment. When a stranger hurts us or we are not in control of a situation, that leads to fear and not pleasure. By contrast, a spanking occurs in a trusted environment, by someone the spankee trusts and when a spankee has given consent. By ensuring that is the case, a spankee can experience the pain in a safe, controlled way and there’s no need for fear.


A spanking is an intimate and erotic experience

There’s no denying that a spanking is a very intimate and in a way erotic experience. The spankee is usually bare bottomed or even naked. The spanker places his/her hands on the buttocks of the spankee in a familiar way. The buttocks are an important erogenous zone with many nerve endings. In addition, those nerve endings are close to the nerve endings of our genitalia so a brisk spanking will stimulate those as well. Let’s not forget that spankings certainly aren’t always punishments. Many spankees enjoy the sensations of being spanked without any talk of punishment. You don’t need to be “bad” to enjoy a good spanking.

You don’t need to be “bad” to enjoy a good spanking.


Spanking can be a form of therapy, if done right. In addition to producing endorphins, creating relaxation and euphoria, it can also help people achieve emotional release which they may otherwise find difficult. Some people struggle with guilt issues and being spanked helps them forgive themselves for things they feel guilty about. A scolding, a serious spanking and a good cry later, they feel ready to deal with the world again. It may not be the way most people wish to achieve an emotional cleansing but it does help reach catharsis. 


I hope I have been able to shed some light on why do people enjoy spanking and that it no longer seems like a strange activity to you. Perhaps you’ll even be tempted to try it out for yourself now?

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