Desdemona, a modern fairy tale (1)

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Desdemona, a modern fairy tale (1)

With a sigh, Jason let himself fall back into the chair behind his desk. On top of the desk were a bunch of papers, design plans, flow charts and such. They were the outline of a new routine in the customer support application he was programming. It wasn’t going well, so he had taken a USB stick with part of the code home with him, to work some more on it there. Dinner had been a simple batch of microwaved left-overs. The cup of coffee he had made half an hour ago, was still on his desk, now nearly cold. He didn’t even notice when he took a sip. There was some part of the code that screwed up what he was planning to do, and even the debugger couldn’t tell him where. He had been at it for so long now, that he could barely see the difference between a declared variable and an empty variable anymore. Tired, he grabbed the bridge of his nose between thumb and forefinger.

He slowly acknowledged the fact that he was not going to be able to solve the problem tonight. When that realization sank in, he sat up resolutely, saved his work and switched over to his browser. Automatically, his hand moved the mouse cursor towards his favorites, searched down through several nested bookmark folders and when he found the folder he was after, he clicked the topmost link in that folder. For a second, the browser window went black. Then images appeared of women in various states of undress, being spanked, whipped and otherwise seemingly abused. It was his favorite site: He sat back, opened some clips to watch and enjoyed the sights of reddening cheeks and girls moaning and squirming in tight bonds.

A sudden noise by the window distracted him. In a flash he closed the browser! When he looked towards the window, at first he didn’t see anything, then a pair of green eyes looking straight at him. A beautiful, black cat was sitting on the windowsill staring at him. When it saw that it had his attention, it mewed once, got up and brushed its head and body against the glass. He could see the cat’s muscles move gracefully below the fur. There was something unspeakably seductive in the way it behaved itself. It was almost as if it tried to do its best to be appealing.

“You gave me quite a startle there, cat! Don’t sneak up at me like that, please”, he said to it.

The cat mewed in response and sat down again, its tail demurely covering its front paws. It was cute and yet there was something more in those green eyes. A kind of wisdom, a kind of sadness maybe too. He stretched his hand and touched the glass on the inside, near to where the cat was sitting. It responded by rubbing its head against that spot on the outside.

“You’re a cute one, aren’t you?” he asked.

The cat mewed again. He noticed that the cat was wearing a collar, also black, but with a small, shimmering diamond or more likely, cut glass at the front.

“So, you’re owned, are you? Well, just leave me in peace now and don’t startle me anymore, okay?”

He turned back to his computer, opened up the website again and continued watching clips on it. The cat was still there, he knew, trying to get his attention, but when he ignored it for a while, it went away.

Two days later, as he was behind his computer at home again, the cat returned to watch him. This time, he took some time to play with it through the glass and he even forgot about the punished slave girls for a while. The responses of the cat amused him and the cat seemed to enjoy playing with him. He even considered opening the window to let it in, but decided against it. The next day, he could no longer resist and he opened the window a bit, just enough to allow him to touch the cat with one finger. Half expecting the cat to claw him, he stretched out his finger. To his surprise, the cat approached his finger and while it did touch it with its claws, it used them only to bring the finger to its mouth where it gave it soft licks. Touched by this very tender behavior of the cat, his resistance crumbled and he slid the window open completely. The cat didn’t hesitate at all and jumped inside and into his lap where it purred loudly and gave him soft rubs with its head. He petted the smooth fur which caused the cat to purr even louder. He spent about half an hour playing and petting the beautiful animal. But when he wanted to pick it up to put it outside, the cat escaped his grip and ran across his home to hide under the bed. He tried all that he could think of to coax or force it out from under there, but nothing worked. The cat hissed at his attempts to scare it with a broom and even clawed at it but otherwise stayed put. Coaxing it with food also didn’t work.

Finally he gave up and told the cat that it could stay for the night then, because he was too tired to chase around after it. Immediately, it came out of hiding and rubbed itself against his legs, purring loudly. It seemed entirely too pleased with itself. When he tried to reach down and grab it quickly, he failed miserably, only managing to send the cat back below the bed. A little upset that he was outsmarted by it, Jason went to bed. When he slept, the cat jumped on the bed, sat down besides him and looked at him a long time. Her green eyes pierced the darkness. Pleased with herself, she began to groom herself.

Next morning, Jason found the cat asleep besides him on the bed. Determined that he would put it outside this time, he tried to get his hands around it, but at the moment his fingers touched it, the cat woke up, jumped off the bed and onto a chair that was next to the bed. From there, it looked at him and mewed. All his efforts to catch the animal were in vain. It was determined to stay in his home. After the first few days, he was used to having the affectionate feline at home. He became very attached to it, but searched for the rightful owner nonetheless. Despite the fact that Jason made a big effort trying to find the owner of the cat, even going so far as putting up posters in the neighborhood, nobody came forward to claim the beautiful feline. After one month of searching, Jason gave up and told the cat that it was welcome to stay if it liked. He had already bought a litter box and cat food, so he might as well keep her. The cat seemed overjoyed at this announcement.

That evening, as he retired to bed, Jason fell into a restless sleep. His dreams were full of vague images of danger and doom. Tossing and turning he woke himself up with uncontrolled movements. A sense of uneasiness was still with him as he looked about his bedroom. There, hugging the frame of the open door, stood a beautiful, naked woman. She had one leg raised up a bit, so that the wall was between her legs. Her eyes were a piercing green and the only thing on her apart from the hair on her head, was a small, leather collar with a shimmering diamond in front. The only light came from his alarm clock and from the waxing moon outside. In this light, her skin seemed an oily black and under her smooth, silky skin, muscles rippled. Jason was too startled to speak. He didn’t need to say anything, though. She broke the silence.

“Hello Jason,” she said. Her voice was soft, husky. Slowly, she separated her luscious body from the door frame and began approaching the bed. Jason felt as if he was being stalked by a predator. She moved with an almost cat-like elegance, seemingly carefree but ready to pounce. He pulled the sheets closer.

“How … how did you get into my house? What are you doing here?” he managed to utter. She parted her lips in a smile, or was it a growl? She was now standing at the foot of his bed and her body was silhouetted in the moonlight. She was a dark figure, though her eyes seemed to glow a little by the light of the alarm clock display. He could see the movements of her torso as she breathed and he could smell something pleasant and musky.

“You let me in, remember? You told me I could stay.” Her voice was sweetness itself. Something slowly began to dawn on him. That collar, her appearance … it reminded him of …

“I said that to the cat … to Furball …” She crawled onto the bed now, definitely cat-like in her motions. He could see muscles ripple on her upper arms. Her full breasts hung down like tempting fruit.

“I am the cat,” she said. “And my name is Desdemona, not Furball.” The last word was uttered by only slightly concealed contempt.

“I’m dreaming … this is a dream …” he said to himself, trying to convince himself it was so. She was hanging over him now, her weight supported by one arm. The hand of her other arm had found his cock which had become erect, despite of the situation. She started to massage it softly, but very deliberately.

“If it is, isn’t this a pleasant dream?” she asked.

“I … oooh … I guess so …” he said, feeling his resolve to fight whatever was happening, weakening with every movement of her hand. How or when she had gotten rid of the sheets or his underpants for that matter, he didn’t know. All he knew was that all of a sudden, her mouth approached his cock and he had a quick vision of ferocious looking fangs surrounding its head. But then he only felt a warm, wet, velvet-like softness surround it ever so tenderly, which produced sensations that were delicious. He lost his himself in the waves of pleasure and the sound of purring.

Next morning he woke up feeling lightheaded and disoriented. Next to him on the bed was the cat, lying down and busy licking one of her front paws. She looked at him briefly and then ran the paw over her ear several times before beginning to lick it again. Had last night been just a dream?

“Good morning, Furball,” he said. The cat stopped licking her paw and if it were possible for cats to frown, she was frowning at him now.

“Sorry, I meant Desdemona,” he corrected himself. Desdemona resumed licking her paw again, seemingly quite pleased with herself. He sat up in the bed, looked at the alarm and saw that it was ten minutes past ten in the morning. He was terribly late for work. That thought pushed all other thoughts and doubts out of his mind for now as he rushed to get ready to leave. He didn’t forget to put out fresh water and kibble for Desdemona, though.

Somehow the entire train of events of last night slipped his mind as he left the house and rode the train to work. Incredibly also, at work no one had missed him. He slipped in just in time for the morning meeting, and since the meeting concerned everything except his own current project, he didn’t even need to say anything. What a stroke of luck! Only as he settled down on the train going home again, did Desdemona come back to his mind. He was filled with a sense of curious apprehension. He was still convinced that the events of last night had been a dream. But he also believed that they were somehow connected to the cat. That it had communicated with him in a dream. How this was possible, he didn’t know or understand. Upon returning home, he was greeted enthusiastically by Desdemona. She rubbed against his legs, purring loudly, obviously pleased to see him.

After dinner, he sat behind the PC and started to research cats online. He was overwhelmed by the connections between cats and magic, witchcraft mainly. He also read about how cats were considered divine animals in ancient Egypt. Desdemona didn’t seem to mind him for the moment. After a while, he started feeling tired and decided it was time to get ready for bed. First, he needed to take a shower though. As he stepped into the shower, he was curious whether she would make a repeat performance of last night. Part of him hoped she would, another part hoped she wouldn’t. There had been something quite unnerving about a naked woman crawling into bed with him in the way that she did it.

Thinking back to those events, he felt his erection stir again. She had given him immense pleasure, at least in the dream. As he closed his eyes, thinking about that again, he heard the shower door slide open. As he opened his eyes, Desdemona, as a woman stepped into the shower with him! In the bright bathroom light, her skin wasn’t oily black, but rather a deep brown. Her green eyes were fixed on his as she closed the sliding door behind her. This time, it was no dream. He was wide awake and she was right there in front of him, as clear as day. The shower made her chest and breasts wet, making drops run down. Her long, black hair caught some of the spray, gracing it with tiny droplets which shimmered as the diamond on her collar. He was stunned. She was there and she was real … or he was losing his mind which, considering the things he was seeing, was a distinct possibility.

“I thought cats didn’t like water,” was the only thing he could think of saying. She smiled and this time there was no hint of fangs, but an honest, sweet smile.

“It takes forever to get your fur dry. But, since I am without fur and clearly not a cat at the moment …” she said in a sweet, pleasant voice.

“How …” She placed a finger on his lips, stopping his question. Next, she placed her lips on his, kissing him softly, intoxicating him with her sweet taste. She pressed her firm, athletic body and soft breasts against him. Then she withdrew from the kiss.

“Touch me,” she invited.

“Where?” he asked hesitantly.

“Where you please, silly,” she smiled and kissed him again. He allowed his hands to touch the sides of her body, then moved them on to her back. He was afraid that touching her would somehow acknowledge her presence, thereby confirming once and for all that he believed this illusion was real and that he was therefore clearly out of his mind. She felt real. She felt too good to be true. Her smooth skin felt softer than fine silk. She responded to his touch by kissing him firmer and sliding her tongue between his lips. He began to give in to his passion as he felt her skin under his hands and allowed his hands to wander more. They went down and down until he held her firm buttocks in his hands. They felt strong, muscular, yet the skin was very smooth and soft there also. Becoming more sure of himself, he let his tongue slip between her lips and he felt her yielding. They made mad, passionate love under the shower. He lost himself totally in the thrall of his lust, her glorious body and yielding disposition. Afterward, she washed him head to toe and dried his body too. He didn’t notice when she had time to dry herself off but as she escorted him to the bedroom, she was dry nonetheless. On the bed, she began to seduce him once more, but he pushed her away gently. He wanted to talk. Again, she yielded to his wish.

“Who are you?” he asked in total amazement.

“I am Desdemona,” she replied, as if that was all the answer he would need.

“And you are a cat?”


“And at night, you’re this totally incredible, stunningly hot woman who comes to make love to me?”

“Yes, though I can also be a cat at night.”

“Okay … but why? You can tell me some more about that, can’t you?”

“If you insist. But I’m afraid you won’t believe me,” she said.

“I think I am well passed the point of believing or not believing anything. Try me,” he said. She signed and suddenly her face became a little sad. She looked out of the bedroom window, but not really seeing anything out there at all.

“Very well, if you insist, I will tell you. The truth of the matter is that I am cursed. A long time ago, an evil sorceress put a spell on me, that I was to wander the Earth in the shape of a cat until a kind stranger took me in and invited me to stay. Only then would I be able to assume human form again, but then only between sunset and sunrise. As the first ray of sunlight comes over the horizon, I become a cat again, until the last bit of the sun dips below the horizon in the evening.” She looked at him now.

“Do you believe that, Jason?”

“It makes about as much sense as any explanation I could have come up with,” he said. “It’s much better than the one I had, where I am going crazy and I only believe that I have this absolutely amazing sex with a cat-woman.”

“I’m not really a cat-woman. I am a woman, trapped in the form of a cat.”

“Yes, of course you are, I’m sorry. But … why did someone decide to put a spell on you? I mean, you’re lovely, you’re friendly … it makes no sense.”

She smiled a bitter-sweet smile.

“Part of the curse is that I have to be friendly to the person who takes me in. I don’t have a choice.”

“So, you’re not really this friendly and lovely?”

She looked at him with a slight frown on her face.

“Don’t get me wrong, Jason. I absolutely do care about you and like you a great deal. I observed you secretly for a while before I decided to try my luck with you. I’m not a fool. If I have to be friendly with someone, I am going to make sure I like that person before I get involved with them.” She changed her position on the bed, lying down on her stomach, with her legs bent at the knee and her feet up in the air. This gave him a great view of her pert buttocks, which looked very inviting to touch. He forgot all about the curse. He forgot to ask further about why someone had cursed her or even when this had happened.

“Go ahead, you can touch them,” she said.

He was startled.

“How did you know what I was thinking?”

“It’s written all over your face, silly! Besides, you’re staring at my arse,” she giggled. He laughed, realizing how easy it had been to read his thoughts. She smiled too, and wiggled her bottom this way and that on the bed.

“But I bet you have something else on your mind that you’d want to do to my bottom. Am I right?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you want to spank it instead?”

“Well …” he hesitated.

“Go on, admit it. Don’t you want to spank Desdemona on her bare bottom?” she teased.

“Would … would that be okay?”

She giggled, crawled over his lap and said, “Trust me, it would be a lot more than just okay.”

This was the first time his face had been this close to her bare bottom, and he had to admit that it was spectacular. It was firm, muscular, perfectly round and symmetrical. There was not a blemish on the skin. It was, just like the rest of her, perfect in every way. Carefully, he placed his hand on top of those two globes. They felt warm and silky smooth. Still a bit hesitant, he gave them a light squeeze and then a few light slaps. She looked up at him.

“Do you call that a spanking? Come on Jason, spank me like you mean it, please!” she pleaded.

Jason had never been in the position to have a woman actually want to be spanked by him. Sure, he had spanked a few girlfriends in a playful mood, but as soon as the spanking became painful, they had started complaining. And now here was this gorgeous, sexy woman who wanted him to spank her. For real too. Shedding his natural shyness, he gave her an honest, forceful slap. And then another, and another until he was in a steady rhythm, alternating between both of her cheeks. Her reactions surprised him. She let out moan after moan that clearly betrayed her pleasure at this treatment. Her firm bottom colored only slightly and caused his hand to bounce off of it. After what seemed like a very long time, he stopped spanking her. Her cheeks were now definitely warm to the touch, but she didn’t seem in the least bit of trouble.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Great … excited,” was her answer.

“Did I hurt you very much?”

She smiled.

“You’re going to have to try a lot harder than that if you are trying to hurt me!”

He was surprised.

“You mean it didn’t hurt?”

“Of course it hurt. I mean, I felt it. But it hurt in a good way. If you want to cause me discomfort, why don’t you use that slipper? Or a wooden spoon from the kitchen?”

“Can you take more?”

“Spankings are supposed to hurt, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are,” he agreed. “Why don’t you fetch me that slipper then, and we’ll see if we can make it hurt some more.”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered and slid off of his lap.

On hands and knees she crawled across the bedroom floor towards the pair of slippers in the corner. She made sure that he caught a good view of her bottom. He could not help but stare at this beautiful woman who crawled around on his floor. She was graceful even in this submission. His gaze was fixed on her bottom, which presented itself in a very delightful manner. Her cheeks parted ever so slightly where that most secret of openings was between them. A bit further down, he could just make out a bit of downy hair. Despite the fact that they had made such passionate love just before, he could feel his cock rising again at this sight. Arriving at the slippers, she looked over her shoulder at him, smiled sweetly and picked up the slipper with her teeth. Then, she crawled back to him, her green eyes looking at him. He was mesmerized. She dropped the slipper in his lap, then gave his cock a quick lick of her tongue.

“Meow,” she said.

“Over my knee, pussycat!” She obeyed, assuming the same position as before. How he loved this view of her! How he loved to spank that pert bottom! Bringing the slipper down forcefully, he spanked her again and again. Her bottom jiggled and bounced and now became very obviously red. Her response was different also. There were still moans, but they were mixed with yelps. But they still contained an undertone of pure pleasure. Not only could he hear it clearly, he could also smell her female scent rising up, intoxicating him. She pushed her buttocks up to meet the slipper, begging him to spank harder. He finished the spanking with a veritable crescendo of swats which echoed off the bedroom walls together with her yelps. He dropped the slipper onto the floor and wiped beads of sweat off of his brow. He saw her hand reach back and touch her bottom.

“Now THAT … was a spanking,” she sighed.

“I bet you felt that,” he panted. She slid off of his lap again, and now knelt behind him on the bed where she proceeded to give him a heavenly back rub. He felt her full breasts touch the back and sides of his head sometimes. Suddenly, she pulled his head backwards, so that he was looking up at her. There was a deep desire in her eyes.

“Fuck me,” she said.

He smiled and replied, “If you insist.” He wanted to push her down on the bed and lie on top of her, but she didn’t let him.

“Not like that … let me,” she said as she pushed him down on the bed and mounted him. He felt himself slide all the way inside of her, until her glowing bottom was touching his thighs.

“Oh God, you’re beautiful,” he exclaimed, looking up at her face. She began to ride him, which caused her breasts to bounce, slowly at first, but quicker and quicker as she picked up speed. It was more than he could bear. She was driving him insane with pleasure. He could not remember sex ever feeling this good.

“It’s coming!” he groaned.

“No, it’s not coming yet,” she grunted, plunging down again into him.

Amazingly, the feeling of approaching orgasm diminished slightly, just enough to allow him to go on, but not enough to cool his lust one bit. It was utterly incredible. How long had she been riding him? He couldn’t think straight anymore. He only felt maddening pleasure, washing over him wave after wave as this gorgeous woman rode his cock like she was riding a wild horse. Finally, with a climax so intense that his whole body cramped and he literally roared loud enough to wake up the neighborhood, his orgasm came over him, at the same time as she reached hers. Entirely spent, they both collapsed onto the bed, she still on top of him.

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