Desdemona, a modern fairy tale (2)

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Desdemona, a modern fairy tale (2)

Next morning, he was late for work again but if anyone noticed, they didn’t say anything. On the way home from work, he stopped to pick up a surprise for Desdemona. If she had enjoyed the slipper, she was going to enjoy this. When he came home, he left his surprise in the hallway, proceeded to feed the cat and then himself. He showered quickly after dinner and when he came out of the shower, Desdemona was waiting for him naked, in human form, on his bed.

“Hello again,” she said. 

He smiled a broad smile as he greeted her.

“You have something on your mind,” she smiled too.

“I do. Let me get dressed quickly.” 

He put on a pair of slacks and a dress shirt.

“Looks official,” she mused.

“Sort of,” he answered, still smiling.

“It wouldn’t have anything to do with this, would it?” Desdemona asked as she produced the cane he had brought home with him from behind her back.

“It most certainly would. And now you have earned yourself a double dose for ruining the surprise.”

She got up from the bed with her cat-like grace and then swished the cane back and forth through the air.

“Lovely,” she commented as she handed it to him.

“I thought so, yes. Now, if you’d be so kind as to bend over …”

“Wait!” she said. “Don’t you think I am slightly … under-dressed?”

“Slightly undressed, even. But what are we going to do about that? As a cat, you don’t need clothes …”

“Wait here,” she said and strode off right past him and into the hallway.

“Where are you going?” he asked in surprise.

Before he could even follow her into the hallway, she came back in, dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, complete with knee-high socks, pleated skirt and white blouse. Even her hair had been done in pigtails. There was no way on Earth she could have gotten changed that fast!

“You wanted to see me, Sir?” she asked, already in her part as if nothing astonishing had just happened.

Somehow Jason got over the shock and the amazement. After all, he was getting used to shocking and amazing things happening around the house lately. What was maybe even more stunning than the speed with which she had changed, was the fact that she looked the part! How was it possible for such a mature, developed, voluptuous woman even, to look the part of a schoolgirl? Did she really get a bit smaller? Surely that was impossible, wasn’t it? Then again, so was a woman morphing back and forth into a cat shape.

“I did … yes, I did,” he struggled to get into his part.

“Oh no, this isn’t about me teasing Norah Jones, is it Sir?” She’d already thought of a reason too.

“Norah Jones? Yes … poor Norah was here in tears, telling me how you’d been bullying her.” There, that was something of a proper response for his part.

“So … you’re not even going to listen to my part of the story, are you Sir?” Her pout was perfect.

“I don’t think so. It’s quite clear who the culprit is, Desdemona.”

“Yes Sir …”

As she looked down, seemingly full of remorse, you’d actually feel sorry for her. This was an Oscar-winning performance if he ever saw one. And it made all the more easy for him to remain in character.

“I’m afraid I shall have to punish you, Desdemona,” he said, as he fingered the cane menacingly.

“Oh please don’t use the cane, Sir!”

There actually seemed to be fear in her eyes. He almost didn’t want to go ahead with it, but she had proved herself to be a talented actress.

“I most certainly will cane you, young lady. Now, skirt up, knickers down and bend over, please. You’ll receive twelve strokes.”

“Twelve Sir! What happened to six of the best?” she exclaimed in surprise.

“Those got doubled because a certain girl went snooping, remember?”

“Oh yes … I forgot,” she said. This time the blush on her cheeks was real. You can’t act something like that.

Desdemona was a picture of compliance as she turned around, raised her skirt and then dropped her white knickers to the floor. Her bottom showed no trace of last night’s spanking, but the cane was sure to leave a few marks on those wonderful globes.

“Ready, young lady?”

“Yes Sir,” came the reply, heavy with trepidation.

The cane made a wonderful sound as it swished through the air. Then, with a loud “thwack” it impacted on Desdemona’s beautifully presented bottom. With a sharp, hissing sound, she sucked in the air through her teeth, but otherwise retained her composure. Almost instantly, Jason could see a decent mark forming. To his surprise, the stroke had landed perfectly, exactly where he had aimed it. Curious to see if he could repeat that performance, he delivered another stroke. This time, Desdemona let out a little yelp and stood momentarily on tiptoe before assuming her position again. This stroke also landed right where he planned. Apparently, caning was one of his hidden talents. On Desdemona’s dark skin, the cane made dark red lines which he thought suited her quite well. He didn’t draw out the caning, delivering the strokes fairly quickly, only stopping briefly after the first six had landed. She seemed grateful for the little breather he allowed her, but although the cane definitely seemed to hurt her, it didn’t seem to cause a great deal of discomfort. She retained her position like a pro, even when he decided to “gate” the last stroke, crossing the previous eleven already there. Still, when the caning was finished, she stood up and grabbed her bottom with both hands, furiously rubbing it to get rid of the sting. 

However, the schoolgirl attitude had disappeared now and she was her true self again, the voluptuous Desdemona who displayed more lust than he had ever seen, outside of a porn movie. As she dropped to her knees in front of him, opened his pants and took him into her mouth, sucking ferociously, she resembled more a starved tiger rather than a demure schoolgirl. However, he didn’t mind that now, surrendering again to the feeling of her eager mouth on his male organ.

Incredibly, the caning of the previous night had left no mark whatsoever on Desdemona’s bottom when she assumed her human form the next day. Her skin was as the day she was born, without a single blemish or mark. It was that way every time he spanked or whipped her. For Jason, the days blurred together and faded from his mind. He lost track of which day of the week it was. He even lost track of whether or not he had made it to work in the morning. The daytime was simply a time he had to get through in order to reach the next evening, when Desdemona would become human again. The evenings and nights were filled with wild, passionate sex, spankings, canings, whippings and lots of other games. Everything he had always wanted to try, she was willing to do with him. She never refused him and each time the pleasure he experienced exceeded even his wildest imaginations. And Desdemona seemed to enjoy things as much as he did, or maybe even more so.

He forgot about his friends, his family, his work. But strangely enough, nobody seemed to miss him. The phone didn’t ring. He was sure that he slept longer and longer during the day, worn out by their nighttime activities. And even when he was awake during the day, he often found himself with Desdemona in his lap, stroking her fur and as she purred away happily. He was sure he was also skipping meals, though he never felt hungry and though he couldn’t remember when he last went shopping, the refrigerator never seemed to be out of food. Somehow, none of that seemed to bother him. It was in the smallest corner in the back of his mind, which was otherwise filled and occupied with Desdemona.

One evening, after he had given her another sound spanking, which had left her red and glowing and invariably horny as hell, he proposed another one of his fantasies.

“Let’s have anal sex,” he said.

He had lost his shyness around her many days, or was it weeks ago now. Desdemona looked up at him from over her shoulder, since she was facing the other way around on the bed, with her feet and freshly spanked bottom towards him.

“I thought you’d never ask.” she said, with a big smile on her face. As always, she was eager to try his latest request. Not a minute later, she was lubed and ready on knees and elbows on the bed, knees apart and her bottom raised high in the air, inviting him. He knelt behind her on the bed but as he parted her delicious bottom cheeks and entered that most hidden opening of all, he felt something besides just the sheer pleasure of her tight embrace. There was a stirring in the back of his mind that this was all just a bit too perfect. She had never refused him anything, not even once. He had never made a request that made her think twice. No matter how good it felt to fuck her like this, in her tight arse, no matter how great her response was to being fucked like that, it didn’t feel right. It distracted him and though his orgasm was pleasurable, it was nothing compared to the previous ones he had with her.

“You’re not thinking about me,” she said later, as they were both lying on the bed, recovering.

“I am,” he said, which was true.

“Maybe you are, but I can sense that something is wrong. You didn’t enjoy yourself as much as you could have.”

For some reason, he didn’t feel like telling her what he was thinking about.

“I guess I’m just tired,” he said.

She frowned and he felt that she didn’t believe him. She then got off the bed and as she walked out of the bedroom she told him to go to sleep if he was tired. She was obviously upset but he felt that he didn’t care about that right now.

The next morning, he was awoken by his alarm clock. He could not remember the last time that had happened. There was no trace of Desdemona in the bedroom, which was odd. She was always there on the bed next to him in the morning, in her cat shape. As he got ready for work, he noticed her sitting in the corner of the living room, as a cat of course, staring at him most intently. As he approached to pet her, she got up and hid behind the sofa where he could not reach her.

Jason decided not to bother too much about the moping Desdemona. If she wanted to ignore him, then he could too. He left her fresh food and water, went to work and actually put in some overtime. Despite the fact that he could not remember when he had last been at the office and it seemed months ago that he had been there, no one even looked up as he walked in. He logged on to his workstation and his password was still valid. That was odd because it had to be changed monthly. The project folder where all his work was stored, had been worked on less than 24 hours ago and the problem that he had been trying to solve the night he had met Desdemona, seemed to be solved. Just as he was about to pick up the phone and call one of his colleagues to ask him about it, his boss walked in, patted him on the back and congratulated him with solving the issue.

“Well done, Jason. Keep up the good work!”

“Yes … yes, thank you, Bill…” he answered in a daze.

It was outrageous. No one had missed him. What was going on here?

As he went home that evening, he was a bit worried, almost scared. It was very different from the way he went home before, riding the train and already excited and erect at the thought of seeing Desdemona. He had come to realize she never had answered any of his questions but instead had always avoided them by sex. When he came home, it was already dark and Desdemona greeted him at the door in her human form, naked and voluptuous as always. She kissed him on the lips, and he kissed her back but then pushed her away.

“We need to talk,” he said.

She seemed scared and shocked. He had never seen her scared or even upset before. She was always in control, sure of herself. She only acted scared when he threatened to spank her or something such as that.

“What do you want to talk about, Jason?”

“You,” he said. “About you and about what is happening.”

She nodded and pressed her body against him.

“Yes, I want to talk to you,” she said.

Jason felt his inner resolve weaken as his body responded to her touch. He had to stop her somehow. He gathered all the resolve he could muster and pushed her away by the shoulders.

“No, that is not talking, Desdemona!” he exclaimed.

She turned, in shock and seemingly near tears.

“You don’t love me anymore … and I took such good care of you, never refused you …”

“That’s what I want to talk about, Desdemona. You absolutely never refuse me at anything.”

“I told you … as long as I am under the spell, I can’t. But I don’t want to either.”

She approached him again, extending her hands towards him and again he refused to acknowledge her embrace. Desdemona was really in tears now.

“You don’t love me anymore.”

“Desdemona, that’s not what I want to say.”

“So, you do love me, Jason?” she asked, with an incredible urgency in her voice.

“Desdemona, I …”

She gripped his hands tightly, squeezing them until it hurt.

“Do you love me, Jason? Tell me, please?”

He looked into her dark eyes which were still filled with tears. It was almost impossible to look away. He felt compelled to say ‘yes’. And he did love her, in a way.

“Yes, I do love you, but …”

At that moment the silver clasp that held Desdemona’s collar in place around her neck snapped open. She had never been without it, until now. The collar with the tiny diamond pendant on it slowly slid off of her neck, fell down past her heaving bosom, down further past her flat stomach, the downy hair of her pubes, her strong thighs, her muscular calves and finally hit the ground with a heavier than expected thud before her feet. She let go of his hands, looked down in amazement at the diamond on the floor which sparkled ever so bright. A low rumble slowly rose from her chest, got louder and louder until she threw her head back in raucous laughter. It was not a laugh of pleasure, though. In it Jason heard only cold malice. Slowly Desdemona’s appearance changed before his eyes. She was still a woman, but her breasts and hips seemed to shrink while her muscles grew. Where before she had simply been athletic, now she became even stronger looking, with clearly defined muscles and veins. She also grew until she was tall enough to look down on him. Jason was frozen on the spot. He knew something was terribly, terribly wrong, but his body simply refused to move. He knew he had to run, but instead he stood there motionless.

Suddenly she looked up at him, and her eyes had become catlike now, with two narrow vertical slits for pupils. Jason felt cold all over his body. Desdemona grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the floor without any visible effort. She spoke, with a low, menacing voice.

“Puny human! All this time I had to play along with your sick little games, pretending to be sweet and yielding, forced to be because of that spell from the old hag. Now it is my turn!”

Jason clawed at the hands around his throat but her fingers were cold and hard, like metal. There was no way he could loosen her grip.

“Desdemona, you’re … choking me …” he gasped.

“Silence!” she bellowed.

She released him and Jason collapsed on the floor gasping for air, clutching his throat. She bent down over him, bringing her face very close to his. He felt her warm breath on his cheek.

“Let me tell you what’s going to happen. I’m going to use you, to feast on your semen. Over and over again. And when you are no longer able to produce any, I’ll … dispose of you.”

In panic, Jason struggled to his feet, while hitting at her. He got a good shot at her stomach and used his full force to punch her. It was as if his fist hit a brick wall. He felt a sharp pain as the knuckle of this right middle finger broke by the force of the impact. Screaming in pain, he cradled his wounded right hand in his left. With a vicious smile, Desdemona grabbed him and threw him against the far wall of the hallway. The back of his head hit the wall and again Jason collapsed onto the floor. She was incredibly strong. He knew that she could kill him instantly if she so wished. As he teetered on the edge of consciousness, he saw her approach, grabbing his ankle and dragging him further into the house. The last view he saw was that of her shapely bottom as he was being dragged over the floor like a child might drag a puppet.

When Jason regained consciousness, it was dark and he was cold and naked. Desdemona had tied him to his bed in the bedroom and left him there. The house was quiet and the only sound he heard was that of cars passing in the distance. He screamed and shouted for help, but nobody came. The middle finger on his right hand was throbbing with pain. Hours passed as he lay there. Slowly he saw light creep into the room which somehow eased his despair. Maybe the day would bring new hope.

Any hopes were quickly dashed however, when Desdemona came into the room. She approached the bed and despite his predicament, he felt he was still attracted to her. He felt his cock stir. When she noticed, she laughed a cold laugh, which sounded more like the sound of metal chains rattling.

“Still happy to see me, Jason?”

She didn’t wait for a response, but instead took of the clothes she was wearing. She smelled of beer and sex but still she mounted him. As her claw-like fingernails scratched across his chest, drawing blood, she rode herself and him to orgasm. Jason was surprised that he could cum under these conditions. Desdemona seemed to absorb every last bit of sperm he managed to produce, making his last spurts rather painful.

She then got off of him and wanted to leave the room. Jason stopped her though.

“Desdemona please … I need to go to the bathroom. Please untie me.”

She looked at him with disgust.

“No. Just do it there, I don’t care.”

After that, she slammed the door shut behind her. Again he was alone. Feeling exhausted, he could no longer keep his eyes open and he drifted into a light, restless sleep. He was awoken again when it was dark again. He had slept all through the day. From the living room, he heard the unmistakable sounds of two people having sex. He recognized the sweet voice of Desdemona, the voice she had used on him before. He felt jealousy rising even though there was no way he wanted her anymore. Not in the way she was now. The romp in the living room was approaching its climax judging from the sounds he heard. He heard Desdemona moan deeply and a man shouting under his breath. Her moan turned into a terrifying growl and the shout of the man suddenly turned very loud and high-pitched ending abruptly with a snapping sound. Then it was quiet. 

Not long after that, Jason heard the sound of a large cat purring or no, wait … it was snoring. Desdemona was asleep. This was his chance to escape. With renewed strength from his slumber, he began struggling to get his hands free. Slowly he managed to wriggle enough to get his left hand in a position that he could reach the rope with this teeth. His muscles and ligaments were stretched to the max but with determination he managed to cut the rope with his teeth. With his left hand free, he paused for a moment, then quickly freed his aching right hand and then untied his feet. Not wasting any time, he grabbed his clothes from the floor where she had left them. He could not button his shirt very well with the pain in his hand so he left it open. Then he listened at the door. He still heard the snoring sound coming from outside. Reassured by that he opened the door slowly and stepped into the hallway. Here the sound was louder. Barefoot, Jason hugged the wall, slowly making his way to the front door. Halfway down the hallway, he passed the open living room door. There was light in the living room. He saw Desdemona sitting on the sofa, her head hanging down a bit. Next to the sofa was the body of man, lying in a twisted, bloodied heap. He was shocked to recognize his neighbor. No doubt he was lured in by her for a quick sex romp but apparently she had found it necessary to kill him. 

Because the sofa was with its back to the living room entrance, there was no way Desdemona could see him. Even more convinced of the necessity to escape, Jason continued to sneak towards the front door. He was nearly there when his eye was caught by something glistening in the dark. At first he wanted to ignore it and flee, but then he bent down to pick it up. It was Desdemona’s collar with the little diamond! Suddenly, he was sure this collar was the key. When she wore it, her power was limited and she was sweet. With it off, she became turbo-bitch. If he could get it back on, there might be a chance to limit her powers again. He checked the locking clasp and it still locked perfectly. Convinced that he needed to get the collar back around her neck, he softly made his way back to the living room. It wasn’t until he saw the empty sofa that he realized the snoring sound had stopped. She was not on the sofa! She was somewhere awake, in the house, and he had no idea where she was! She moved silently, like a cat. His blood turned to ice-water. He felt weak, vulnerable and exposed here in the middle of the hallway. Clutching the collar in his left hand, he carefully stepped forward into the living room, trying not to look at his dead neighbor. With his heart pounding noticeably in his chest, he pressed his back against the wall next to the door. There was no way she could sneak up on him from behind now.

His pounding heart skipped a beat when he heard movement in the hallway. Desdemona entered the bedroom, shouting in surprise when she found he was no longer tied to the bed.

“The little BASTARD!” she roared.

Jason tried to remain absolutely still with his back against the wall. A loud crash came from the bedroom, as if someone slammed something heavy against the wall.

“Jason, I will find you and when I do, I will rip your heart from your chest, you little shit!”

He could feel the sheer malice that exuded from her deep inside of him. She was pure evil.

“Where are you?” she bellowed, closer now. “If you come out nicely, I will make your imminent death quick and painless, I promise.”

Suddenly, Jason saw her as she entered the living room quietly. She looked the other way but she passed him with less than a meter between them. She looked angry, very angry. She demonstrated just how angry she was by raising the sofa with one hand and throwing it across the room like that. It seemed to cost her no effort. At that moment she turned around and she saw him pressed against the wall.

“Aha! There you are! Now you die!” she shouted.

At the same moment she lunged forward, jumping towards him. Jason managed to jump out of the way at the last moment, causing her to crash into the wall. She lost her balance momentarily when she struggled to her feet again. Realizing that this was his only chance, Jason jumped onto her back and somehow managed to get the collar around her neck. When Desdemona realized what he was doing, she reached behind her and caught a hold of his left leg. She pulled at his leg but Jason did the only thing he could do: he closed the clasp at the back of her neck.

Desdemona let out a loud cry and collapsed to the floor with Jason falling on top of her. She clawed at the collar but was unable to remove it, magical as it was. Jason had been right, the collar kept her power in check. Again she transformed before his eyes, but this time she turned back into the beautiful, voluptuous woman that she had been before. Jason rolled onto his back, feeling utterly spent as Desdemona sat next to him on the floor, crying.

Neither of them spoke or moved for the next few minutes. When Jason finally sat up, he saw Desdemona looking at him, naked and beautiful with tear-stained cheeks. Her eyes were full of despair and anger. Jason ignored it for he knew now that she could not hurt him as long as the collar was in place.

“What are you?” he asked.

“Jason, please … I never meant …”

“Shut up! You’re wearing the collar so now you have to do what I want, don’t you?”


“Then tell me what you are.”

“Wouldn’t you rather …?”

“Now, Desdemona!”

He saw a flicker of resistance, but it ebbed away very quickly.

“I’m a demon, a succubus. I live on the semen of men.”

“And what about the collar, who put it on you?”

“A witch. I was using her son, but I had not realized the power of the old woman. She managed to create this collar and the curse that goes with it.”

“When was it put on you?”

“November 18, 1539 at 4:02 AM, to be exact. She sneaked up on me in my sleep. As she put it on me, she cursed me.”

“What was the curse?”

“Jason, let’s …”

She wanted to avoid that subject like the plague, so much was obvious.

“What was the curse? Tell me now!”

“Oh foul creature from hell, listen as I bind thee with my spell. I curb thy might, a cat by day, a woman by night. Thou whilst serve thy master well, this is the command of my spell. This is how thou shalt be, until thy master sets thee free. Witness this, oh heaven above, he’ll free thee only with his love.”

“So basically, when I said that I loved you, the spell was broken?” She nodded.

“And now the collar is on you, you are bound by it again completely.”


“And until I say “I love you” to you, the spell remains in place?“

“Yes,” she said angrily.

Jason struggled to his feet, grabbed Desdemona by her hair and yanked her up too. He pointed at the man on the floor.

“And what about him, can you undo that?”

“No … he is dead. I can’t restore the dead to life.”

Damn, how was he going to explain a dead man on his floor? She must be able to do something.

“Can you do something to him, make him disappear or move him?”


“Then get rid of him.”

“He’s gone,” she said calmly. Jason turned to look and indeed the body was gone.

“What happened to him?”

“What did I do to him to kill him, you mean?”

“No, I’m not sure I want to know that. Where is he now?”

“Next door, at the bottom of the stairs.”

Smart, he thought. Hopefully they would think he had an accident. Jason now turned to the naked, beautiful but oh so evil woman. He had made a decision, one that was very much akin to playing with fire.

“Desdemona, I can’t let you loose on the world. Therefore, I will keep you. I am ordering you to never to leave the house, except in your cat form. I want you to be indoors before sundown. You have to obey that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I have to,” she said. She seemed resigned to her fate for some reason or perhaps this was her returning to her yielding disposition again. After all, she was collared.

“I also forbid you to use any magic against me.”

She nodded.

“Now fix my broken finger.”

Again she obeyed. Without her moving or speaking, Jason felt the pain in his hand fade away. When he looked at his hand, there was no trace of his injury to be found and he could use his hand normally again.

“And lastly … fetch the cane.”

She seemed startled but also excited at this command.

“Are you going to punish me?”

“Oh yes,” Jason said menacingly.

Desdemona ran to the bedroom and came back with the cane. She handed it to him respectfully.

“Good, now put the sofa back and bend over the back.”

Desdemona obeyed again, putting the sofa back in place. Miraculously, the damage to the wall was gone and the sofa looked no worse for wear. Jason looked at that gorgeous bottom on display before him again, as it had been many times before. But this time, it was going to be different. He tapped the cane on those perfect cheeks with a wicked smile on his face.

“Desdemona, you have been a very naughty demon and you must be punished.”

“Yes, Jason,” she said compliantly.

“And that’s what I will do right now.”

“Yes please,” she said, smiling over her shoulder at him.

“Before I begin … I am ordering you to feel the pain of every stroke and not to enjoy the caning. Do I make myself clear?”

“No, please, you can’t do that. Jason, please!”

She was shocked but she had no choice but to obey so this time, the caning would be real. That damned curse! Jason raised the cane and then brought it down with a swish and a loud crack. The shriek that Desdemona let out proved that she was feeling this. Good, thought Jason. That was one stroke she felt, but many more to come. He was going to enjoy this…

To be continued…

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  1. I am really looking forward to part 3. I loved the twist. I have read pretty much every spanking story out there, and this one is my absolute fave.

    1. It is on its way. I have nearly finished the first draft but not too happy with the ending just yet. Since I am swamped with other projects at the moment, it’s going to be a while. Sorry about that!

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