Hypothetically spanking

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Hypothetically spanking

Susan was sitting nervously in her chair. She was about to do perhaps the most daring thing she had ever done in her life. Again, she read through the very short e-mail which was on the screen in front of her. It was only two lines long but the possible consequences of it, were totally unpredictable. It could turn out very well or go very badly indeed…

She had held this job as a receptionist for three months now. She also took care of mail distribution and did some typing and appointment planning. It was only a small accounting firm where things were quite informal, everyone called each other by his or her first name. She first took the job through an agency, but the company had promised her a contract if things worked out. They had excellent benefits and flexible hours which suited her just fine. And she was about to jeopardize all of this with this one, short e-mail. The reason for that was simple and was called Jean-Pierre. He was the manager. Even during her first interview, she had felt a flutter of butterflies in her stomach when she saw him. Jean-Pierre was in his late thirties, tall, dark but with a touch of grey at his temples. He was sophisticated, funny and just devilishly handsome. He also had a naughty twinkle in his eye, which just attracted her in ways she could not explain. Sure, he was a bit older than her but who cared about that in this day and age? She totally fell in love with him in her first week. She had been told to send a letter by registered mail which had somehow ended up in the pile of regular mail. She confessed her mistake honestly to Jean-Pierre who had gotten that naughty twinkle in his eyes and remarked casually: “Well Susan, I guess you have earned yourself a spanking.”

Hearing those words, Susan had turned crimson. Her colleague Nell had defused the situation by explaining to her that she shouldn’t take his comment seriously. It was just something that he said when a female colleague did something wrong and he didn’t mind it too much. If he really had been upset about it, he would have reacted differently. She had gone on and on about that, thinking that Susan was shocked by Jean-Pierre’s remark.

Susan had been shocked by his remark, though not in the way Nell thought. He had casually remarked about something that she had been fantasizing about since her childhood years. Even when she was in elementary school, she used to fantasize about spanking, corner time and all kinds of punishments. She had even asked the teacher once why children were no longer spanked in school. The teacher had reacted a bit shocked and had held a long lecture about how such things were no longer done these days, that there were better ways of correcting children and had then asked if she was abused at home. The school had even called her parents in to talk about their methods of raising children. It was then that Susan realized that perhaps it was not normal to have fantasies revolving around spanking and that it was better not to talk about it with others.

So she hid her interests, tried to suppress them and forget about them. She was only partly successful in those attempts. There were times when she could forget about it, but at other times, her interests flared up again with all the more intensity. Later came puberty, her first boyfriends, but she was too nervous or scared to mention her fantasies to those boys. Her curiosity remained and as she got older, she started searching for spanking related things on the internet. One of her very first queries in Google was the word “spanking” and she was just amazed at the number of hits she got. Web sites, forums, picture galleries, contact ads; there was an entire world of spanking out there that she had never known about! Hesitantly, she started exploring this new and unexpected world. She learned which web sites were fun and which ones weren’t. This helped her develop a clear picture of what it actually was that she wanted. She understood that she wasn’t crazy by having these desires and also that as a young and fairly attractive woman, she was very popular in the “market”. Only once did she work up enough courage to make an appointment with a man she met online but it never developed further than a meeting or two in a cafe. She just didn’t feel any connection between them, even though he was kind and understanding. He had been very disappointed when she informed him that she did not want to proceed any further but he respected her decision and never bothered her about it. Since that time, she had taken no more steps to see her fantasy fulfilled even though the desire had in no way diminished. On the contrary, her desire had only increased and Jean-Pierre had unsuspectingly fanned the flames. He had threatened her with a spanking more than once since that first time, just about every week. Not that she had made that many mistakes but she had the impression that he loved to make her blush.

This had been going on for the past three months and now she had had enough. If he made such remarks that often, surely that must mean he was interested in spanking too. He wouldn’t just say these things, would he? With that thought at the back of her mind, she had written the e-mail that was on the screen in front of her right now. The message simply said:

Dear Jean-Pierre,

You have promised me a spanking so many times now. I think it is time you fulfilled your promise…?


She had read the email at least ten times now. The message was loud and clear, she thought. It made it obvious that she was interested in spanking. There were at least a dozen good reasons not to send this email. She could lose her job over it, for one. But suppose for a second that he did react positively? With trembling fingers she clicked the send button. For a second or two, the message was in her outbox and then it was gone, on its way to Jean-Pierre’s inbox. She knew he was in his office right now, working on some things. He had to read the message. Maybe he had read it already, since it was only a short message. She also knew he checked his messages often. A quick glance at the clock showed her that it was a little before 2 PM. Three more hours until the end of business. Would he react before that time? And if so, how?

Three nerve-wrecking hours passed. Susan literally had beads of sweat on her forehead and jumped out of her seat each time her computer announced the receipt of a new message. Repeatedly she caught herself staring at the door to Jean-Pierre’s office. Nothing indicated that he had even read the message. Finally, at ten minutes before five o’clock, his door flew open. He stepped out, his jacket loose over his left shoulder, announcing that he was finished for today. With a smile and a cheery “See you tomorrow”, the front door slammed shut behind him. Susan was astonished. Had he read her e-mail? What did he think about it? He hadn’t given any indication or sign either way. He had left like he usually left.

Next morning, she was the first at the office, even before Nell. Jean-Pierre arrived around his usual time. He smiled and greeted Susan behind reception and entered his office. Maybe he hadn’t read her message yet? There was no way any man could ignore such an e-mail, was there? Or maybe he didn’t like what she wrote? Had she been too forward? Did he not haven an interest in spanking and had she been totally mistaken? Those questions went round and round in her head as the day went on. She hardly got any work done. And at the end of the day, he left his usual self, without any indication whatsoever.

Friday came, the last day of the week. Surely he wasn’t going to let her enter the weekend feeling the way she did? Her nerves were killing her and she had hardly slept the night before. The day went by like any other. Susan was sure he had read her e-mail by now. There was no way that he would let a message sit in his inbox that long. She decided to get all her courage together and just ask him when she had the chance. A weekend of such uncertainty she’d never survive!

When Jean-Pierre walked up to the reception desk around noon, all the blood left her face, but he didn’t come for her. He came to ask Nell if she could stay around longer that afternoon.

  “Sorry, Jean-Pierre. You know that on Friday I have to leave on time to pick up the children from daycare.”

Jean-Pierre slapped his forehead.

  “That’s true, I forgot,” he said. “It’s just that I need someone to stay behind to help me with some documents.”

It was then that he turned to Susan. “Can you stay behind maybe?”

With a face to which the blood suddenly rushed back, Susan mumbled that she would be available to stay a bit longer. With a satisfied grunt, Jean-Pierre turned around and entered his office again.

For Susan, things had suddenly gotten even worse. Was there really work to be done? Or was Jean-Pierre just looking for an excuse to get her to stay behind? After all, he knew perfectly well that Nell always left on time on Friday. And if it were an excuse, would he mention her e-mail? Would he react in a positive way? Or was he upset? But if he were upset, he would just call her into the office, wouldn’t he? Or was he trying to save her the embarrassment by talking to her after hours? All these questions were milling about in her head as she watched the clock slowly grind its way to five o’clock. Around 4:30 PM, several people had left for the weekend, including Nell. The last stragglers left around 5:30 and then she was finally alone in the building with Jean-Pierre. The cleaners would not show up before seven o’clock that evening, so there was plenty of time for a good talk. If that would happen…

Not long after everyone else had left, Jean-Pierre came out of his office and with a cheerful ‘I’ll be right there’ he went to the bathroom. He came back quickly and asked Susan to join him in his office. He left the door open, so that she could follow him in. She almost never ventured in there, except for meetings and such, but now she followed him in, dragging her feet. Like always, the room had a pleasant atmosphere, casual. Just like the man who occupied it, actually. She’d never experienced him being formal. She did notice that the Venetian blinds were closed a bit further than usual but with the sun shining on that side of the building, it was probably normal. Then, her eyes skimmed over his desk. There were no papers on it, except for one: a printout of the e-mail she had sent him. He followed her look with his eyes. She looked at the printout, speechless and then looked back to him.

  “Yes, that e-mail is what I wanted to discuss. All the rest was just an excuse to get you in here,” he admitted.

He sat down on the edge of his desk, folded his arms and stared at her intently. There was nothing unfriendly in that look, just amusement. Susan felt the blood rushing to her face and she silently cursed her body for betraying her feelings.

  “I was hoping you might…I didn’t want to start the weekend like this,” she said hesitantly.

  “How would you have entered the weekend if I hadn’t?”

  “Like a nervous wreck,” she said with a half smile.

  “And now?”

  “I’m still a nervous wreck!”

This time her laugh was complete and sincere. She was nervous but his inner calm affected her and helped her to calm down too. He smiled as well.

  “Let me be totally honest…I don’t get e-mails like this every day,” he said, meanwhile picking up the printout.

  “I can imagine…” she agreed.

He sighed and put the paper down again.

  “Susan, what would you say if I told you that my remarks were just intended as a joke? That I did not mean it seriously?”

She felt her face go completely hot and flushed! Oh God, she had made a complete fool of herself!

  “In that case…then…well, I suppose you could see my message as a joke back…” she uttered, stammering in disappointment and shame.

Jean-Pierre nodded.

  “I think that would be the best in that case,” he agreed.

  “Fine,” Susan replied.


  “Well, then…have a nice weekend, I suppose,” she said.

  “Same to you.”

Susan turned slowly, trying to maintain her calm exterior. Her face was completely flushed and her head felt like it was about to explode. She wanted to kick herself. What a terrible mistake! How could she ever face this man again, now that she revealed her most secret desire to him? She should call the agency and request a new position somewhere.


She spun round and saw him, still sitting on the edge of the desk. He was holding the printout again.


  “Suppose…just for clarity’s sake, suppose that I would have said that my teasing was more serious and not just a joke?”

Her heart leapt! Was it possible that he, maybe, was interested after all? Quickly, she searched for the right words to say.

  “In that case…just for clarity’s sake, I would probably have said that my e-mail was intended to provoke you.”

He nodded.

  “So suppose, still hypothetically speaking, that I had the intention of being provoked?”

  “Then…hypothetically speaking, I would not have stopped you from letting yourself be provoked…”

  “So, if for instance, I would say in a strict voice ‘Come here’?”

Susan didn’t answer but instead took a few steps forward.

Jean-Pierre got up and closed the door to the hallway. After that, he placed one of the chairs surrounding the meeting table in the centre of the office and sat down upon it. Susan seemed to observe everything calmly. But inside of her, there was a storm raging! She couldn’t believe this turn of events. Just seconds ago, it had seemed like she had made the biggest mistake in her so far short career. And now it seemed that she was about to have her lifelong fantasy fulfilled. Jean-Pierre looked up at her from the chair expectantly. This was the point where she was supposed to go over his knee, of course. For a second she hesitated. Then, as if in slow motion, she stepped forward until she stood next to his lap. She looked down upon his face. He was smiling a reassuring smile and that familiar twinkle in his eyes was beaming at her. Mesmerized by him and by the situation she positioned herself over his lap. As her hands touched the carpet, she felt the tight skirt of her businesslike outfit slide up until about halfway to her bottom. But that was nothing compared to the heavy feeling of Jean-Pierre’s hand suddenly on her bottom.

  “Are you comfortable? Are you okay with this?” he asked.

  “Yes…” she said, her voice barely a whisper. The position she was now in was affecting her emotional and mental state. She felt herself become yielding, submissive and excited too, there was no denying it.

His heavy hand was lifted and with a muffled swat landed again, right on her left bottom cheek. A few seconds later it landed on her right cheek and so on. The spanking was slow and soft but steady. Susan didn’t feel pain but there was a kind of pleasant warmth spreading throughout her bottom. With each spank her bottom vibrated in a very pleasant way. The warmth, the rhythm and the vibrating feeling brought her in a dreamy state. With eyes closed she concentrated on the feelings.

Slowly, Jean-Pierre increased the strength of his spanks. The warmth in her bottom grew to a tingle and finally to a sting. It was at this point that Jean-Pierre stopped the spanking. She felt his finger on the back of her thighs, at the edge of her skirt. Slowly he raised it up to her bottom, pulled it further and further until the back of her panties was revealed. Susan was very glad that she put on a nice pair of panties this morning. They were white with lace trimming and she thought they flattered her bottom quite nicely. His hands lifted her skirt so slowly that she had had ample time to protest if she had wanted to. But she didn’t. She was still feeling very dreamy about all that was happening, about her fantasy finally coming true. And then at the hands, literally, of this man. The man that had given her butterflies to her stomach the first time she had seen him.

Again he brought his hand down on her bottom, this time only covered by thin panties. This caused a different sensation, a sharp sting of pain, but also increased the warmth permeating her bottom and slowly spreading to areas between her legs. She felt the unmistakable sensation of blood rushing to that area. Without thinking, she raised her hips to meet his slaps. It hurt, but it felt so good at the same time! She caught herself biting on the index finger of her left hand, which she had pressed as a fist against her lips.

Without interrupting the spanking, Jean-Pierre asked: “Have you ever been spanked before?”

She shook her head and said: “No, never…”.

  “Not even as a child?”

  “No…this is my first…ow…spanking ever.”

  “Nice,” he said and in his voice she could hear he was smiling. “But don’t you think that a spanking isn’t a real spanking unless it is a bare bottom spanking?”

She understood that this was his way of asking if he could bare her bottom for more slaps. And a part of her felt that he was right, she wanted him to pull her panties down. But there was no way that she could admit this to him. It was just too embarrassing. After all, just five minutes ago she had never been spanked in her entire life. In her fantasy the spanking had always been bare, but she just could not say that.

  “What do you think, Susan?” he asked. There was no impatience in his voice and the spanks that were still landing hadn’t increased in force. He wasn’t putting pressure on her.

  “If…ow…if you think it is absolutely…ah…necessary…” she said. There, she had saved herself from saying it, but given him the opening to do it if he wanted to.

  “In that case, I’m afraid it is quite necessary. Sending the kind of emails you do…”

His words brought a blush to her face, but he wasn’t able to see that of course. He was far too preoccupied with the blush on another set of cheeks. She felt his fingers behind the waistband of her panties and then felt them slowly slide down over her cheeks to just below her bottom cheeks. And there she was, bare bottomed over the knee of her boss, like a little girl. It was embarrassing, but so exciting at the same time. She couldn’t believe it was happening, but there she was.

Jean-Pierre’s hand was now resting on her bottom, rubbing it slightly.

  “Magnificent,” he said. “Absolutely magnificent…. You have a gorgeous bum…and you’re blushing nicely too!”

How was she supposed to react to that?

  “Thank you…” she replied.

  “But…you’re not blushing enough yet!”

With those words, he began to spank her again. And this time, with his big, warm hand impacting on her bare cheeks, she really felt pain. It was no longer mostly pleasant. It was mostly pain, but her body still responded as though it was pleasure. And it WAS pleasure, somehow. With each stinging spank she moaned and wriggled, tried to twist her hips out of the way and yet she wanted more. It was as if this hunger that she had felt for as long as she could remember, could not be satisfied. The pain increased with each stinging slap and yet she felt her excitement rising with each slap too. What was this? What was happening to her? She heard a long, low moan escape her lips. A moan that got louder and louder. And with that moan, something else was rising. She didn’t recognize it at first but when the first waves of pleasure washed over, it hit her: she came! Under loud moans, she rode wave after wave of pleasure. When she finally came to herself again, she noticed the spanking had stopped and that she was still bare bottomed across Jean-Pierre’s lap. His hand was rubbing her glowing cheeks softly. The sting was still there, but she loved his hand there, slowly rubbing her.

  “Well…” he said.

She reached back and felt her bottom. My God, that felt hot! He took her hand in his, the first physical contact they had, apart from the spanking.

  “Are you all right?”

  “I think so…” she said. Her throat was dry and her vocal chords seemed unwilling to respond properly to instructions from the brain.

Jean-Pierre gave her hand a squeeze.

  “You can get up now, if you’re not dizzy.”

Blushing, she struggled to her feet, making sure to keep her bottom facing him. She didn’t want him to catch a glimpse of other, more private parts…yet. She looked over her shoulder at her bottom and was amazed at the colouring. Her bottom was almost crimson!

  “Oh my God…that looks so red!” she exclaimed.

Jean-Pierre burst out laughing.

  “Yes, it doesn’t look bad considering it was only a hypothetical spanking!”

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