Welcome to spanking!

Welcome to spanking!

Girl over the knee, about to be spanked.
The “fun” is about to begin!

Hello and welcome to spanking! Thank you for visiting this site, I really appreciate you stopping by. Please feel free to browse.
This site is dedicated to the practice of spanking. However, it only deals with spanking between consenting adults as a form of BDSM play. It does not deal with spanking as punishment for children. Spankings are not for kids.

The purpose of this site is to break the taboo on spanking between consenting adults, to educate people on the practice of spanking and to show that it can be a safe and fun activity for adults. It also gives you access to some of the spanking stories I’ve written, my blog and it helps you find spanking related games. It offers a gallery called “Bums of the World”, with a chance to have your bum added to the gallery. You can participate in a spanking survey. You can also browse and post free contact ads. Last but not least it will tell you something about the person behind this site and gives you the opportunity to discuss being spanked by yours truly.

This is not a porn site but it deals with topics only suitable for adults. If you are not of legal age or if you are not permitted to access this material, please leave now.

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Spanking survey

A long time ago, on a blog far, far away…no, never mind that. It wasn’t that long ago and it was on my old Tumblr blog. On that blog, called “Bad girls need good spankings”, I ran a survey about spanking. The survey explored many facets of spanking and also probed the possible origins of …

Online spanking fun

It’s been ages since I posted an update here on the blog. That is largely due to the fact that little has happened when it comes to spanking. Meeting people is problematic to say the least when the entire country is in lockdown and there’s a curfew. Fortunately, the internet awards us opportunities for online …

Need a spanking?

Need a spanking? If you feel a need to be spanked and would like a safe, sane, consensual and discreet spanker with plenty of experience to take care of you, then feel free to contact me to discuss this further. I am very approachable and open, so don’t let that stop you. Mind you, this service is open only to women of legal age!

Need a spanking?

Fill out this form and I’ll reach out to you. What happens after that is up to you. Feel free to add any details you like. No one but me will see it.

Sorry guys, this is ladies only.

Spanking Ads

Below is a listing of all current adverts. Want to place an advert yourself? Feel free to do so, it’s free!

This site features adult content!

While this site is not a porn site, it does feature adult content. You must be over 18 (21 in some jurisdictions) to view this site. Also, this site is not safe to browse at work. Only proceed if you are of legal age and it is permitted for you to see this content. Do you wish to proceed?